This is list of mistakes, fakes or wrong dated Metallica bootlegs that I have found.
Please clean out your list, don't spread fakes!


General tips to check bootlegs:

Usually in Seek And Destroy: "Scanning the scene in city tonight"
After the last song of the show
After the song just before an encore
Sometimes during So What: " Well, I’ve been to Hastings and I’ve been to Brighton I’ve been to city too"
Sometimes they say the name of the venue, not the city
Load/Reload tour: Often during Whiplash: "City you need some whiplash?"
Justice tour: Sometime at the beginning of For Whom The Bell Tolls
Black Album tour: Jason often screams the name of the city at the beginning of Harvester Of Sorrow
Black Album tour: Sometimes Lars or Jason says the name of the city during their solos
94 tour: Jason often screams the name of the city at the end of Seek And Destroy

Don't rely on setlists to date a bootleg: Most (pre Internet years) setlists are based on bootlegs. If the bootleg is misdated then the setlist is wrong

RED: The real bootleg doesn't exist as far as I know.
GREEN: The real date is unknown
GREY: Some fake songs in a real bootleg
BLUE: Video
BLACK: Everything not in the other categories

Real date
Riffs 87-02-13 Gothenburg "Riffs" silver CD bootleg. The artwork says "Woopie Theatre, Scarsdale, Illinois" but it's actually Gothenburg 87
82 Bay Area Thrashers   It's a fake live show. Actually No Life 'Til Leather with fake crowd added
82-03-14 Anaheim   It's a rehearsal, not a concert. By the way, I'm not sure if 82-03-14 is the real date of the rehearsal
82-09-17 San Francisco 82-09-18 or 82-10-18 I don't remember the real date
82-09-18 San Francisco   Sometimes this boot is actually a mix of 82-09-18 (audience) & 82-10-18 (soundboard). The real & full version contains only audience tracks
82-10-01 Anaheim 82-10-18 San Francisco
82-11-30 San Francisco 82-11-29 San Francisco  
83-03-03 83-03-19 San Francisco No concert on march 3rd
83-04-08 Staten Island 83-04-09 New York The 1983-04-09 bootleg is very common. In the real 1983-04-08 James says "Alright we are Metallica, this is called the Mechanix"
83-04-08 Staten Island 83-04-24 Staten Island In the real 1983-04-08 James says "Alright we are Metallica, this is called the Mechanix"
83-04-16 Dover 83-04-09 New York  
83-04-22 Staten Island
83-04-24 Staten Island
  They played there twice in a row and both shows were taped. However it is unsure which bootleg is which show.
During one show, before Phantom Lord James introduces Kirk: "Some of you who have seen us before, may see a change on this side. New guitarist, flew in from California, just a few nights ago. Mr. Kirk Hammett." He doesn't do the introduction the other night. Seems like it would make sense to have that type of intro on the first of two nights. Then you can suppose it's 83-04-22.
But I got two different sources (ie from two tapers) of this show and both are dated 83-04-24...
I don't know the truth. You decide.
But if you set a trade for one of the two boots, verify you don't already have it, with the other date...
83-08-04 Rochester 83-04-09 New York  
83-08-09 Morganville 83-04-09 New York  
83-11-07 San Francisco
83-11-25 Berkeley
83-11-26 San Francisco
  A lot of confusion about which bootleg is which show. But finally, 30 years later, we got the truth!

83-11-25 Berkeley:
Between Whiplash and Creeping Death James says "I hope to see all of you at the Stone tomorrow night". They played at The Stone, San Francisco on 83-11-26. Then we know this recording is from 83-11-25 Berkeley.
There's another version of this boot on which the part where James talks about seeing everyone at the Stone tomorrow is cut. In case you got this one, check that James dedicates Phantom Lord to "those who got pulled away in the cop car. This is for the old trues". It's something unique that he says for this show.

83-11-26 San Francisco:
James says "ready to thrash the Stone" before Jump In The Fire, "thank you Stone" after Whiplash and "San Francisco" during Metal Militia. Then we know it's San Francisco, at the Stone. They played twice there, november 7th and 26th.
James tells us the correct date: He wishes Dave from Armored Saint a happy 20th birthday before Phantom Lord. Dave Prichard was born on 63-11-27.

83-11-07 San Francisco:
There's no bootleg of the show as far as I know.
83-12-15 Chicago 1st set 83-12-15 Chicago 2nd set They played 2 shows in chicago this day. Both were taped but the first one is rarer. During the second show James says: "this is for the trues who are stucked with us, seen here the last time, heh heh they are they are" before Motorbreath
84-02-12 Poperinge 84-11-17 Poperinge Sometimes 84-02-12 is actually 84-11-17. Both shows were taped. In the first one they only played RTL (the song) contrary to the second one where they played several songs from RTL (the album). By the way in the november bootleg James sings "scanning the scene in Poperinge tonight" contrary to the february bootleg where he sings "scanning the scene in the city tonight"
84-11-24 Montpellier 84-11-23 Bordeaux James says "Bordeaux" at the end of Fight Fire With Fire
84-11-30 Zurich 84-11-21 Marseille James says "Marseille" several times. The real Zurich exists: "Scanning the scene in Zurich tonight"
84-12-15 Tarvasjoki
84-12-16 Helsinki
  2 bootlegs but recorded during the same show. It seems nobody knows the real date & location of this recording. Could be december 15th, 16th or even 14th
85-01-16 Montreal 85-01-15 Montreal James says at the end of Creeping Death: "thank you and goodnight, we'll see you all tomorrow night". The real 85-01-16 exists: "Scanning the scene in Montreal tonight" and he says "be louder than the last night" after Phantom Lord.
85-01-25,26,27 Brooklyn   Metallica played 3 shows in a row in Brooklyn at L'Amour. There are a lot of confusion about which bootleg is which show.

James gives many clues: "we see you tomorrow" and "we see you tomorrow night". So we know it's not the third show. He also says: "the old friends are there tonight? It's been a while, huh?", "old friends are here tonight. And it's great to see you guys again", "...last time we were here. It's quite a while ago". Such sentences means it was the first show in Brooklyn on this tour.
The bootleg ends with Metal Militia.

James says "surpass last night before" before Cliff's solo. Then it can't be the first show. And he says "we see you tomorrow night" after Motorbreath. Then it can't be the third show.
The bootleg ends with Creeping Death followed by Motorbreath. It's much rarer than the two other shows.

During the early years Metallica played in pubs/bars which of course served alcohol, and the minimum drinking age was 18 years old. This made it impossible for any fan younger than 18 years to see the band live. So many bands used to do a few special shows for fans under the drinking age. These shows would start earlier, and of course did not serve alcohol. I know from a reliable source than the january 27th was such a show. James says "this is the all-ages show, where all the young ones are flipping about. So let's not be tired alright? Is this fucking brooklyn or what? Alright, then show us what you're made off!" All-ages show means that young people were allowed then it's the third show. Moreover he says "see you next time" after Motorbreath not "tomorrow".
The bootlegs ends with Am I Evil followed by Motorbreath.

To sum up: 85-01-25 ends with Metal Militia, 85-01-26 ends with by Motorbreath (preceded by Creeping Death) , 85-01-27 also ends with Motorbreath (but preceded by Am I Evil)
85-03-13 San Francisco 85-03-15 San Francisco  
85-03-1x San Francisco - SBD 85-03-15 San Francisco Most traders say they have a SBD bootleg that is a mix of both nights at San Francisco. But it's a mistake. I compared closely the SBD, the 03-14 AUD and the 03-15 AUD: The SBD bootleg was recorded ONLY during the 2nd night, there's NO track from the 1st night. By the way Seek and Destroy & Whiplash are actually from London 1984-12-20
85-09-15 Chicago 85-03-15 San Francisco  
85-09-15 Rheine 85-09-14 Rheine Some songs are on Cliff'Em All
86-02-12 Eindhoven   This bootleg is said to be an Anthrax's concert with Cliff. But according to the video, it's not Cliff
86-04-13 Syracuse   In the real Syracuse, James says "thank you very much Syracuse". I don't know the real date of the fake
86-04-14 Rochester 86-05-26 Des Moines James never mentions the city then we can't be 100% sure where it was taped . But he says "it's a bit early" before For Whom The Bell Tolls. Des Moines was the Iowa Jam Festival where Metallica wasn't by far the headliner, then they played early in the day. So it's very probably a bootleg of Des Moines.
86-04-20 Philadelphia 86-05-25 Chicago It's from a bootleg called Molten Rock. The real date seems to be 86-05-25 Chicago (they played twice there in 1986). By the way, Fade To Black, Seek And Destroy and Whiplash of this bootleg are actually taken from 85-02-09 Chicago. The real Philadelphia exists: "scanning the scene in Philly tonight"
86-04-21 East Rutherford 86-04-28 Uniondale There's no video of East Rutherford 86
86-05-26 Des Moines SBD 86-05-30 Davenport It's from a SBD bootleg called Dead Heroes. James says "fucking Davenport" after Whiplash. An audience bootleg exists though
86-06-10 San Diego
86-07-13 Hoffman Estates James never mentions the city but according to a radio ad that comes with the bootleg it's Hoffman Estates
86-09-28   Probably 86-09-26 Stockholm. "Cliff's last show". Don't know what it is but it sure as hell ain't cliff's last gig......unless he played it from the grave
86-11-15,19,20 Tokyo   Metallica played 3 shows in Tokyo. There are some confusion about which bootleg corresponds to which show. Actually there is no real proof to identify them. However we can suppose some things:

- In one bootleg James says "as you all know this is our very first time in Japan" before The Four Horsemen. Then this one is problably 86-11-15

- In another one James says "we see you sometimes soon I hope" after Blitzkrieg, the last encore. It's the only show they play this song. Often when they play several shows in the same city, they do something special for the last encore. Then it's probably 86-11-20.
There's another recording of this show that misses Blitzkrieg. Then if you have this one, here is how you can to identify it: James says "it's time for the fucking bass" before Jason's solo

- And finally 86-11-19 is the remaining one. For information James says "its time for a bass solo"
86-12-01 New York 86-12-05 Quebec "Scanning the scene in Quebec tonight". There's no video of New York 86
86-12-09 Toronto 86-12-05 Quebec "Scanning the scene in Quebec tonight". The real Toronto exists though
87-01-14 Lyon   Not a fake show but in my version Damage Inc and Fight Fire With Fire are actually from 87-02-04 Clermont
87-01-29 Frankfurt 87-01-30 Ludwigshafen In the real Frankfurt James sings "scanning the scene in Frankfurt tonight". In the fake one, he just sings "city"
87-02-11 Katowice 87-02-10 Katowice Metallica played 2 shows is a row but only 1 bootleg exists. According to a Polish rock magazine, Blitzkrieg was only played during the first show. Moreover James says "first time in Poland" before Blitzrieg. So the real date of the bootleg is very probably 87-02-10
1988-xx-xx New York 88-09-26 Bradford "Calling All Destroyers" bootleg. The artwork says recorded in New York 1988 but it is actually the 2nd part of the gig in Bradford
88-05-29 East Troy 88-05-27/8 East Troy They played 3 times there but only the 2 first shows were taped. Sometimes the fake is actually the 1st day, sometimes the 2nd day
88-06-25 Oxford
88-06-24 Portland
The real date of this bootleg is unknown
88-09-22 Barcelona 88-09-17 Pamplona "Scanning the scene in Pamplona tonight". James also says "viva San Fermin" before Last Carress. The real Barcelona exists: "Scanning the scene in Barcelona tonight"
88-10-10 London 88-09-30 Sheffield "Scanning the scene in Sheffield tonight". The real 88-10-10 London exists: "Scanning the scene in Hammersmith tonight"
88-10-09,10,11 London   Metallica played 3 shows in London. There are some confusion about which bootleg corresponds to which show.
The first two shows have the same setlists. Of course the speeches are different but they don't tell us what day it was. Before Seek and Destroy James says "what the fuck is going on here man, you sound like a bunch of old ladies out there" on the bootleg that seems to be 88-10-09. And "He says you guys are fucking sleeping again" on the other boot. But some traders label their bootlegs in the opposite order. I don't know the truth. Just if you set a trade for one of the two boots, verify you don't already have it, with the other date...
The third boot is easier to identify. They play Leper Messiah instead of The Four Horsemen for the people who were already there the previous nights. Moreover they also play Breadfan and after James says "the last three nights".
Something else about the third show: There's a boot where some songs (after Creeping Death maybe) are from another (unknown) show. On the real and full 88-10-11, the boot ends with Breadfan, not Whiplash. And Glenn Danzig sings on Last Caress.
Last thing about London: The (partial) proshot video is from the third show not the second one, contrary to what you can read a bit everywhere. Indeed the only speech in this video is before Seek and Destroy and it's from the third night, according to the audio bootleg.
88-07-03 Dallas 89-02-05 Dallas 89-02-05 Dallas is SBD (Fan Can 4). The real 88-07-03 Dallas is audience
88-10-28 Heidelberg 88-09-15 Bern "Scanning the scene in Bern tonight". The real Heidelberg exists: "Scanning the scene in Heidelberg tonight"
88-12-08 Long Beach 88-11-30 Oklahoma City The menu says Long Beach but it's Oklahoma City
89-01-18 Odessa 89-02-03 Austin "Scanning the scene in Austin tonight". The real 89-01-18 Odessa exists: "Scanning the scene in Odessa tonight"
89-02-02 Austin 89-02-03 Austin I have no proof it's the 2nd night but it's the date used in the trading world
89-02-10 Lakeland 89-02-12 Miami "Scanning the scene in Miami tonight". The real Lakeland exists: James says a word that sounds like Lakeland in Seek And Destroy
89-02-21 Augusta 89-05-13 Tokyo They didn't play this day
89-02-22 Los Angeles 89-05-13 Tokyo The real 89-02-22 exists but it's 1 song. They played only One at the Grammy Awards this day, not a full show
89-03-04 Pittsburgh 89-05-13 Tokyo Real Pittsburgh: "Scanning the scene in Pittsburgh tonight"
89-03-05 Binghampton 89-03-08 Uniondale James talks about Meadowlands which is near Uniondale
89-03-11 Norfolk 89-03-04 Pittsburgh "Scanning the scene in Pittsburgh tonight". The real Norfolk exists: "thanks Norfolk and goodnight" at the end of Battery
89-03-12 Philadelphia 89-03-01 East Rutherford "Scanning the scene in Jersey tonight" and "thanks Meadowlands" after Whiplash. The real Philadelphia exists: "Scanning the scene in Philly tonight
89-03-17 Hartford 89-01-21 Amarillo "Scanning the scene in Amarillo tonight". The real Hartford exists: "thanks Hartford and goodnight" at the end of Whiplash
89-03-18 Syracuse 89-05-13 Tokyo The real Syracuse exists: "Scanning the scene in Syracuse tonight". In the fake one, James sings "scanning the scene in the city tonight". Tokyo is never pronounced though
89-04-04 Halifax 89-02-26 Charlotte This recording is available on various bootlegs such as "Back Door To Hell". But it's not Halifax. It's Charlotte: "scanning the scene in Charlotte tonight". In the real Halifax, he sings "scanning the scene in the city tonight", and says "thanks Halifax" at the end of Whiplash
89-04-10 Quebec
89-04-12 Montreal
  These two shows can be easily confused because James doesn't say the city name. Actually it's possible he actually says Montreal and Quebec during these shows, but it's not clear enough to be sure.
However, based on some things, I'm confident to say that:

- Quebec is the bootleg where James mistakenly says "This is from the new album...Leper Messi...oh wait that's not from the new album.. Harvester of Sorrow"

- In Montreal he doesn't say this thing about Leper Messiah. He says "do you want some fucking new shit? You got the new album?..."
89-05-03 Adelaide 89-05-04 Melbourne James says "Melbourne" at the end of Battery. In the real Adelaide (the city name is never pronounced though) James says "yeah thanks a lot, see ya" after Breadfan
89-05-06 Sydney 89-05-13 Tokyo The real Sydney exists: James says Sydney before For Whom The Bell Tolls
89-05-14 Tokyo 89-05-13 Tokyo The real 89-05-14 is rare. The Four Horsemen & Damage Inc was only played on the 2nd night
89-05-18 Nagoya 89-05-13 Tokyo The real Nagoya exists but James doesn't say Nagoya. Lars sings on Am I Evil
89-05-19 Nagoya 89-05-18 Nagoya  
89-06-04 Saskatoon   Someone uploaded the first half of a bootleg that he says to be a rip of an old cassette of the Saskatoon show. It's very distorted and the city name is never pronounced. Moreover he never uploaded the other half. Then I list it as fake until he uploads the second half and/or we have a proof it's real
89-06-08 Duluth 89-03-17 Hartford  
89-07-05 Cincinatti 89-03-07 Rochester "Scanning the scene in Rochester tonight"
89-07-16 Weedsport 89-10-07 Sao Paulo  
89-07-17 Seattle 89-07-16 Weedsport  
89-07-18 Bristol 89-07-16 Weedsport In the (real according to the taper) Weedsport bootleg James says "thank you man goodnight from Metallica, fucking wild yeah" after And Justice For All. In Bristol he says "thanks goodnight from Metallica man, ..., we see you haha". However there's no proof this Bristol bootleg is real since the city name is never pronounced.
89-09-22 Los Angeles 89-05-13 Tokyo They played in Irvine this day not in Los Angeles. The fake bootleg is actually Tokyo. The real 89-09-22 Irvine bootleg exists though
90-05-16 Zwolle 90-05-20 Leiden James says "Leiden" during Seek And Destroy. The real 90-05-16 Zwolle exists: "Scanning the scene in Zwolle tonight"
90-05-25 Birmingham 90-05-20 Leiden In this video Seek And Destroy is cut off then there's no way to know the city. However James' speeches are the same than in the Leiden audio bootleg which is authenticated ("Scanning the scene in Leiden tonight"). So this fake Birmingham is actually Leiden
90-05-26 Glasgow 96-10-10 Glasgow There's a bootleg where all songs after One are actually from Glasgow 96. James yells "yoyoyoyoyo" before Master Of Puppets, it's something typical he used to do in 96. A real, full boot of Glasgow 90 exists: James says "want a lot more? hey! hey! hey! master of puppets"
91-08-02 Petaluma 91-08-25 Basel "Scanning the scene in Basel tonight". The real 91-08-02 Petaluma exists (club show)
91-08-21 Budapest 91-08-22 Budapest "The Court Of Atilla" bootleg
91-08-27 Berlin 91-08-28 Berlin There's a partial bootleg (last song is Whiplash) labelled 91-08-27 Berlin where Jason sings "scanning the scene in Berlin tonight". It could sound ok but:
There's another (complete) bootleg also labelled 91-08-27 Berlin. In this one Jason sings the same thing but the rest of the speeches are different! At the end of the show James says "we see you, maybe tomorrow". Then this complete bootleg is the real 91-08-27 Berlin.
And the partial bootleg is very probably 91-08-28 Berlin. Or less probably another show because Jason may mistakenly say Berlin
91-09-14 Modena 91-08-25 Basel "Scanning the scene in Basel tonight". The real 91-09-14 Modena exists: "Scanning the scene in Modena tonight"
91-11-02 Detroit 91-11-03 Detroit "Motorcity Madness" audience bootleg:
One, Last Caress, Am I Evil & Battery are actually from 91-11-03 Detroit, "Detroit Bad Boys" bootleg.
91-12-20 Long Island   "Angels From Hell" bootleg. It sounds like a mix of several (unknown) shows. It contains Holier Than Thou that wasn't played during the 3 shows in Long Island. The real 91-12-20 exists: "Scanning the scene in Long Island tonight" and James says it's friday night before Harvester Of Sorrow
92-01-05 Los Angeles 92-01-06 Los Angeles They didn't play on 92-01-05
92-01-08 Los Angeles 92-01-18 New Orleans "Scanning the scene in New Orleans tonight". The real 92-01-08 Los Angeles exists: "Scanning the scene in the Forum tonight"
92-01-10 Sacramento 92-01-11 Sacramento James says it's saturday after The Four Horsemen and "Hope you had a good time these couple nights" after Breadfan. The real 92-01-10 exists: "Thank you Sacra, we see you tomorrow hopefully" after Stone Cold Crazy
92-02-06 Denver   This bootleg has no Seek And Destroy, no last song from the gig and no encore. In other words all songs where James usually say the city name are not there... The date of bootleg used to make this fake is unknown
92-02-15 Fresno

  "Riding The Black" bootleg:
Enter Sandman, Creeping Death, Harvester Of Sorrow, Welcome Home & Justice Medley are actually from New Orleans 92.
For Whom The Bell Tolls, The Four Horsemen & Whiplash are actually from East Rutherford 92.
The other songs are from an unknown show.
The real Fresno exists: "Scanning the scene in Fresno tonight"
92-02-16 Reno   "Wherever We May Roam Tour '92" bootleg:
Only Sad But True, Wherever I May Roam, Through The Never, The Unforgiven, Fade To Black, Master Of Puppets, Seek And Destroy, One, Jump In the Fire / Fight Fire With Fire & Stone Cold Crazy are from Reno
Enter Sandman, Creeping Death, Harvester Of Sorrow & Welcome Home are actually from New Orleans 92
Solos, For Whom The Bell Tolls, The Four Horsemen, Whiplash & Justice Medley are actually from East Rutherford 92
92-03-15 Jacksonville 92-06-16 Jackson A partial (1h20mn) video of Jacksonville is actually taken from Jackson. At least 2 sources of the real Jacksonville exits: "Scanning the scene in Jacksonville tonight"
92-03-25 Birmingham   I don't remember the real date
92-04-04 East Rutherford
92-04-08 East Rutherford They played there twice in 1992. Both were taped but the boot from the 1st night is often actually the 2nd show. In the real 92-04-04 Lars says "it's saturday night"
92-04-07 Philadephia 92-04-06 Philadephia The "Last fast die young" bootleg (containing Battery, Master Of Puppets, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Welcome Home, Bass Solo, The Four Horsemen, Fade To Black, Seek And Destroy, Creeping Death, Am I Evil ? and Damage Inc.) is actually from the first night in Philadelphia. Indeed in another (full) source James says "we see you aroung, maybe tomorrow" after Stone Cold Crazy. The real 2nd night is a (partial) bootleg named "Live In Philadelphia" where Lars says Philly during Kirk solo
92-04-24 London 92-04-20 London Probably a typo
92-06-02 Porland 92-01-11 Sacramento "Scanning the scene in Sacramento tonight". The real Portland exists: "Scanning the scene in Portland tonight"
92-06-14 Mobile 92-06-16 Jackson / 92-03-08 Evansville Songs from The Ecstasy Of Gold to The Unforgiven are really from Mobile.
Songs from Nothing Else Matters to Seek And Destroy are from Jackson.
One, Last Caress, Am I Evil? and Damage Inc. are from Evansville.
92-06-23 Cincinnati 92-07-17 Washington "Scanning the scene in DC tonight". The real Cincinnati exists: "Scanning the scene in Cincinnati tonight"
92-09-05 Dallas 92-01-21 Dallas Order of the songs is modified to make believe it's from the Gnr/Metallica tour
92-11-16 Rome 92-10-24 London "Scanning the scene in London tonight". The real 92-11-16 exists: "Scanning the scene in Rome tonight"
92-11-27 Nuremberg 92-12-07 Den Bosch James says "Den Bosch" several times. The real 92-11-27 exists: "Scanning the scene in Nuremberg tonight"
92-12-12 Gothenburg  

Some traders say the silver CD "Roaring Through Europe" is Gothenburg 92-12-12. But it's a mistake, it's a compilation of songs from indeed Gothenburg but also from other(s) unknown show(s). By the way "Gothenburg" is not even printed on the artwork.
Silver CDs with the real, full Gothenburg exist: "Abso-F*cking-Lutely Live!" and "Live Shit - Binge & Purge"

93-02-20 Fort Myers 93-02-21 Tallahassee Jason says at the beginnning of For Whom The Bell Tolls: "ok Tallahassee"
93-03-18 Yokohama   There's a very incomplete video that is supposed to be Yokohama. But when you compared James's speeches with the ones from the identified audio bootleg, it's different. So it can't be Yokohama. It's either 93-03-16 Tokyo or more probably 93-03-21 Fukuoka
93-04-07 Perth 93-04-08 Perth Jason says it's the 2nd night in Perth during his solo
93-04-15 Bangkok 92-12-03 Kiel James and Jason say "Kiel" several times. There's another Bangkok bootleg (1 big file) but it's badly ripped, unlistenable
93-04-15 Bangkok 93-06-05 Milton Keynes Someone took some tracks of Milton Keynes and added distorsion to make believe it was a partial recording of Bangkok
93-05-07 Buenos Aires 93-05-08 Buenos Aires Pure metal vol.1 bootleg dated as 93-05-07 is actually from the second night.
The real bootleg of the first night exists. It's very incomplete though
93-05-20 Dusseldorf 93-06-20 Basel "Scanning the scene in Basel tonight". The real 93-05-20 exists: "Scanning the scene in Dusseldorf tonight"
93-07-04 Werchter   In one bootleg, i think Enter Sandman isn't from 93-07-04. But there's another recording which have the real Enter Sandman
93-07-04 Perth 93-04-07 Werchter Probably a month/day inversion mistake
94-03-04 94-06-07 Allentown They didn't play on 94-03-04. James says Allentown at the end of whiplash
94-06-01 Holmdel 94-08-19 Atlanta James says "Atlanta thank you" at the end of Whiplash. The real Holmdel exists though: At the very end of the show Lars says "great to be back in Jersey".
There's another source of this show that stops before Lars' speech. You can identify this boot by checking that James says "fuck yeah my friends we hope you had a fucking great time here" after So What
94-06-04 Barrie 94-06-07 Allentown James says Allentown at the end of whiplash. The real Barrie exists: James says Toronto (that is not far from Barrie) after So What
94-06-08 Long Island 94-06-17 Middletown Jason says "alright Middletown" at the end of Seek And destroy. The real Long Island exists: "Scanning the scene in Jones Beach tonight"
94-06-11 Mansfield 94-06-07 Allentown James says Allentown at the end of whiplash. The real Mansfield exists. The city name is never pronounced though. James says "Fuck yeah, good to fucking see you crazy motherfuckers again man" after So What
94-06-14 Philadelphia 94-06-17 Middletown Jason says "alright Middletown" at the end of Seek And destroy
94-06-24 Ionia 94-07-26 Dominguez Hills There's a fake bootleg which is actually Dominguez Hill. Probably someone "released" that in order to get rare stuff in exchange.
The real Ionia surfaced recently, from the taper himself. Ionia is never pronounced but to identify it you can check if James says "Thank you very much friends, fuck yeah man. Thanks for hanging up here with us man" after So What
94-07-03 Chicago 00-01-04 Chicago The real Chicago 94 exists
94-07-03 Chicago 94-06-17 Middletown Jason says "alright Middletown" at the end of Seek And Destroy. But the real Chicago exists: If I understand correctly, Jason says Chicago at the end of Seek And Destroy
96-07-07 Quebec City   One source has One that is actually from 96-07-11 (or 96-07-10, see below). But another source with the real One exists.
96-07-10 New York 96-07-11 New York There's a common fake boot of the 1st night that is actually the 2nd night. The real july 10th boot has Overkill as the last song. The last song of the 2nd show is Motorbreath
96-09-14 Gent 96-09-12 Kiel The common audio bootleg of Gent is actually Kiel. In the fake Gent (Kiel), before whiplash, James says "one, two, eins, drei, vier". In the real one: "one, two, three, four". By the way, in Gent they open the show with a jam of The Wait while it's an other jam in Kiel.
The video bootleg is real thought.
96-09-16 Paris 96-09-15 Paris The real 2nd night exists, ends with Overkill, not Motorbreath
96-09-26 Rome 96-09-06 Vienna It's actually the partial bootleg of Vienna. James says Vienna after Overkill on the other (full) source of Vienna
96-09-29 Turin 96-09-28 Milan "Milano you need some whiplash". The real 96-09-29 exists: Jason says Torino at the end of Fight Fire With Fire
96-10-05 Birmingham 96-10-06 Birmingham James says "Thank you 'bham' for two nights" at the end Of Motorbreath. The real 96-10-05 exists: "It's saturday night" before Ain't My Bitch
96-10-26 Munich 96-10-25 Mannheim They say Mannheim several times. The real 96-10-26 exists: "Scanning the scene in Munich tonight"
96-11-24 Oslo 96-11-27 Copenhagen Someone removed the beginning of Sad But True, when James says "hello crazy danish motherfuckers". The last song of this fake is Fade To Black, probably because James says Copenhagen in the next song after...
96-11-26 Copenhagen 96-11-09 Nuremberg Someone took a source of Nuremberg, removed James saying "saturday night" (96-11-09 was a saturday) before Whiplash to hide it couldn't be the Copenhagen show
97-01-31 Kansas City 97-02-01 Memphis There's a recording floating around which is labeled Kansas City 1997 but is actually a recording of the show the day after in Memphis: "scanning the scene is Memphis tonight". The real Kansas City exists though: "scanning the scene is KC tonight"
97-07-07 Paris 99-07-07 Paris  
97-03-26 Pittsburgh 97-05-20 Seattle "Scanning the scene in Seattle tonight". The real 97-03-26 Pittsburg exists: "Scanning the scene is Pittsburgh tonight"
97-11-16 Stockholm 96-11-16 Stockholm Probably a typo. The real Stockholm 97 exists
97-11-16 Stockholm 97-11-16 Copenhagen Metallica played 2 shows this day: Stockholm and Copenhagen. There's a fake Copenhagen bootleg floating around that is actually Stockholm. James says "good to see you Copenhagen once again" after Stone Cold Crazy in Copenhagen and "Stockholm good to see you friends" after Master Of Puppets in Stockholm
98-06-28 Bristow 98-06-26 Atlanta James says Atlanta at the end of Fight Fire With Fire. In the real Bristow (the city name is never pronounced though) James says "that felt pretty fucking good man" after this song
98-11-24 New York 98-11-20 Detroit James says Detroit several times. The real New York exists
99-04-11 Honolulu 99-04-12 Honolulu First night James says: "yeah good to see you again Honolulu baby...see you tomorrow" after Enter Sandman. Second night: "thanks for having Metallica two nights here"
99-05-25 Prague   There's a bootleg of this show where One, Nothing Else Matters, Sad But True, Creeping Death, Die Die My Darling, Enter Sandman and Battery are actually from 99-05-21 Nurnburg. There's another (partial) source which doesn't have these fake tracks
99-06-03 Budapest   Only CD 1 is real. CD 2 is a mix of various shows
99-06-27 Kiev 99-05-23 Eindhoven When Jason says "Ok Dynamo" It's Dynamo festival, not Kiev Dynamo football club! The real 99-06-27 exists: James says "thank you friends, it's good to see you Kiev"
99-07-08 Belfort 99-07-15 Madrid "Ola Madrid". There's also a Festimad banner on stage. The real Belfort video exists: you can see a Eurockéennes banner. The setlist is also different: They played Horsemen in Belfort but Seek in Madrid
03-08-22 Leeds   In one source, Welcome Home is from Dublin and Harvester of Sorrow from Mexico. But there's another recording which has all the correct songs
04-01-18 Gold Coast 04-01-30 Adelaide "Scanning the scene in Adelaide Tonight". The real Gold Coast exists: "Scanning the scene in Gold Bowl tonight". Don't ask me why James sang Bowl, not Coast...
05-11-13 San Francisco   Someone claims he taped this show. However I'm 99% sure it's fake. The sound is clipped
05-11-15 San Francisco 05-11-15 San Francisco The same guy took someone else's bootleg and added distorsion to make believe it was his own recording



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